Strategic Partners

When a business must have measurable financial and operational-improvement results, the last thing it needs is a partial fix. BlackBriar Advisors has formed strategic alliances specifically to provide companies with a comprehensive performance-improvement resource. This alliance combines BlackBriar's financial leadership, business acceleration and turnaround management skills with other partners' customized business management and business process improvement software and services.


Until now, financial and process-improvement firms have operated in isolation. The only choice for companies was to engage financial and operational-improvement resources separately, despite the limitations of a fragmented approach.


The alliances of these strategic partners with BlackBriar Advisors provides companies with a unique one-stop, cost-effective resource for improving their own financial and operational performance, enterprise-wide.

Quantrix is a leading provider of business modeling and analytics solutions and services


We all operate in a data-rich environment. Modern business practices leave a significant data footprint at every step. But do you have the right tools to turn your data into meaningful insights? Our business modeling and analytics solutions and services do just that. With Quantrix Modeler, you can analyze and investigate historical data and also create forward-looking ‘what if’ scenarios.


The Power of Simplicity

The Quantrix Modeler, enables organizations to accelerate the data-to-decision process by allowing users to slice and dice data with always-on pivoting, define formulas with natural language rather than coordinates, and easily create new ‘what if’ scenarios without rewriting or restructuring models.


The interactive Presentation Canvas is a key enabler of collaboration. Modelers can create easy-to-use applications for business users at all levels of the organization.


This powerful, multi-dimensional calculation engine pushes well beyond the performance limits of traditional spreadsheets and modeling tools. User-friendly modeling and presentation features make it easy to share insights from available data resources.


The Right Solution for Your Business

Thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of our solutions, Quantrix helps drive data insight at more than 1,000 customers in 50 countries ranging from the largest multinationals to individual business professionals. We help finance, sales, risk, engineering and scientific professionals as well as policy researchers, entrepreneurs and business consultants take their data management and analytics to the next level.


Quantrix is an independent business unit of IDBS, a leading worldwide provider of data management and analytics solutions.


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