“A BlackBriar partner was instrumental in guiding the company through a reorganization, refinancing, recapitalization and now in an expansion serving in multiple roles over the course of 10 years. His leadership as CFO, interim COO and as a board member has provided valuable hands on direction in addition to being a supportive team member for our management.”


T.H. – President and CEO, Regional Specialty Finance and Retail Chain



“BlackBriar partners joined us in our efforts to obtain financing in the middle of the credit crisis. They guided us to a short term solution to avert a crisis and provided multiple finance alternatives over the course of six months, allowing us to obtain critical working capital to position us to rebuild the company.”


D.W. – CEO, Custom Steel Fabricator



“A BlackBriar partner immediately immersed himself in the complexity of our business and our critical financial situation and gave the financial team much needed leadership. As interim CFO, his tireless efforts made it possible for the company to comply with its many public company reporting requirements even with a severely depleted and inexperienced staff. His contributions and leadership made it possible for the company to experience is first profitable quarterly performance in many months.”


F.P.G – Chairman of the Board and CEO



“A BlackBriar partner was responsible for our quick emergence from bankruptcy. As CEO, he led the company thru many challenging situations and directed the company to a sustained period of positive cash flow for the first time in many years. His leadership resulted in the survival of a business that had existed for more than 30 years. More than 150 jobs were saved and the company was positioned for success.”


J.L.P‐ Principal – Private Equity Owner

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